i have over 15 years of experience delivering presentations to schools and community organizations!

As a creative from the time I learned how to walk, I love to encourage kids to indulge their imaginations and pursue their creative endeavors! I can provide a variety of presentations that will engage your students and fit almost any schedule. Here's a quick look at a few of my presentations:



This is your typical "career day" presentation where I discuss WHY I loves cartoons, HOW I learned to make them, and WHAT I've made during my 15 years of professional cartooning. Depending on time, I can provide a drawing demonstration and squeeze in a Q&A (it's always a good idea to have your students prepare questions beforehand!).

TIME: 30-45 minutes
IDEAL AUDIENCE: Kindergarten-12th grade



With the help of your students, I will create a unique illustrated story and draw it all in real time! Not only will your students create the characters and conflict, but they'll get a quick lesson on story structure along the way. I've delivered this presentation to groups of all sizes; from five students in a classroom, to one hundred students in an auditorium! No matter the size of the audience, this presentation has been a hit EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

TIME: 20-30 minutes
IDEAL AUDIENCE: Kindergarten-6th grade



During this presentation, your students will get a crash course in comic book production. I will teach your students the basics in character creation and design, plot and conflict, and comic book layout. It's a fast-paced presentation designed to fill a typical 6-7 hour school day. At the end of the day, your students will have completed the artwork for their very own 6-page comic book (or at least have a bunch of original drawings to help them complete the next great graphic novel!).

TIME: 6-7 hours (including bathroom and lunch breaks)
IDEAL AUDIENCE: 5th-12th grade art students



In this presentation, I share my knowledge of social media and the importance of branding for artists. One of the best ways for an artist to showcase her work is with a custom social media avatar! At the end of this presentation, your students will have at least four different drawings that they can scan and use as their social media avatars.

TIME: 6-7 hours (including bathroom and lunch breaks
IDEAL AUDIENCE: 7th-12th grade art students



Do you have a unique idea for a presentation or theme? Use the contact form below to share your ideas with me and let's create a presentation that will suit your needs!

Regardless of the topic or venue, you can expect the following from my presentations:

  • Lots of humor! I love to laugh, and it's important to me that my audiences have a good time!
  • Loads of pop-culture references! I'm a geek. It is what it is. Hopefully your students like Star Wars and video games.
  • Passion! If I'm talking about it, I'm excited about it! And I've been told my excitement is contagious!

I'm only available for a limited number of engagements each year, so contact me quickly! Fill out the form below to check availability and to receive a free, no-obligation quote!

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endorsements: goal is to motivate our students to chase their dreams. Some of our clients are interested in art and cartooning as well as graphic design. Wes drove two hours to visit our kids and inspired them with his story. He grabbed their attention and enthralled the clients with his animated personality and inspirational words for their future. He spent two hours with my clients answering all their questions, drawing pictures of them and their favorite singers, and teaching them how to draw emotions. His time spent with our kids was invaluable and has changed the attitude of our youth. He was able to restore hope in our children in such a short amount of time.
— Brooke Pollard // Life Coach Instructor // Gracehaven // Columbus, OH
The students at Buckeye Central thoroughly enjoyed Wes Molebash’s presentation. He artfully combined humor, storytelling, media, and live cartooning for an engaging hour of fun. Wes’ ‘inner child’ allows him to relate to students; adults working with Wes will appreciate his professionalism.
— Tom Pairan // PTO Member // Buckeye Central Elementary // New Washington, OH
[Wes] was enjoyable, informative and captivating to our entire student body. We enjoyed watching him draw firsthand and hear the methods he was utilizing to get his work out to the public. He also described the challenges and obstacles he graciously overcomes to turn his hardworking goals a reality. It was a great day, and we truly enjoyed having Wes inspire the creative minds of our students.
— April Miller // PTO Member // Kenton Elementary School // Kenton, OH