Wes Molebash is a dynamic and engaging speaker with over 15 years experience speaking at churches, schools, and events! 

If you're looking for a guest speaker that will delight your audience at a budget-friendly price, Wes would love to work with you. He can provide a presentation on a variety of topics including:


As a Christian and staff pastor at his church, Wes has spoken about matters of faith many times! He is an encourager, and his goal for every message is to get people thinking deeply about God regardless of where they're at in their spiritual journey. Wes can speak on a variety of spiritual topics - from apologetics to worship, prayer to philosophy - and can cater his message to fit your church's sermon series or theme.


Wes is a devoted husband and father who loves to encourage men, married couples, and parents to be the best family men/women they can be! Whether your organization is faith-based or non-religious, Wes is ready to engage, encourage, and equip your people as they steward their family relationships!


With over ten years of experience as a published author, cartoonist, and illustrator, Wes can excite, challenge, and motivate your team of creatives! He believes that every creative has a message that needs to be heard, and he relishes opportunities to encourage artists in their ambitions!

Regardless of the topic or venue, you can expect the following from Wes' messages:

  • Lots of humor! Wes loves to laugh, and it's important to him that his audiences have a good time!
  • Loads of pop-culture references! Wes is a geek. There's no avoiding this. Hopefully your people like Star Wars.
  • Passion! If Wes is talking about it, he's excited about it! And you can bet that his excitement is contagious!

Wes is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year, so contact him quickly! Fill out the form below to check his availability and to receive a free, no-obligation quote!

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