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Graphic recording. Visual scribing. Live doodling. Sketchnoting. Waste of time*. Whatever you wanna call it, they all mean the same thing: The practice of taking visual notes at a meeting, lecture, or conference.

You talk. Wes draws. Your people go wild. All in real time!

Not only is graphic recording an AMAZING way to capture your event, it has a host of other benefits, as well! Here are just a few:

  • Visual note-taking is ENGAGING! Don't worry about your people being distracted. Quite the opposite! They'll be plugged-in to what your presenter is saying the whole time; even through the 2PM wall!
  • Visual note-taking is SHAREABLE! Your social media team can post pictures of the notes on your networks, and they WILL get likes and shares! Not only that, but your attendees will share the images on their networks broadening the reach of your company and/or event that much more!
  • Visual note-taking will make you a ROCK STAR! People will love seeing what Wes captures during your event, and they'll think YOU are a CREATIVE GENIUS for thinking so far outside of the box by hiring him!

*This is how Wes' 8th grade Science teacher described it when she caught him doodling in the margins of his notes.


There are no shortage of events that Wes can graphically record! Here are just a few examples:

  • Ideation/problem-solving sessions
  • Vision/planning meetings
  • Conferences (speakers and breakouts)

If you have a unique idea for an event you'd like Wes to illustrate, just drop him a note and he'll be happy to chat with you about it!


Working with Wes is super easy!

  • Contact Wes with the basics of your event using the form below.
  • Once an agreement is reached, Wes will schedule a 1/2-hour phone call to discuss logistics and other details regarding your event. He'll also help you identify what recording surface would work best for your event (i.e. foam core board, large paper, sketchbook, etc.).
  • The day(s) of the event, you can expect Wes to arrive early and work diligently. You don't have to worry about him talking or trying to participate in the discussion; he'll be too busy illustrating your presentation!
  • When it's all said and done, you'll be left with a visual capture of your event that can be used over and over to inspire your people long after the event has ended! You'll own all rights to the artwork, so do with it as you please!

Ready to hire Wes to illustrate your event?

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