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What do Five Iron Frenzy, breastfeeding, and hipsters all have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet somehow all three are prime topics for Wes Molebash’s comic strip, Insert Image. Using over-the-top, irreverent humor (with just a touch of sarcasm), Insert Image pokes holes in the Christian bubble and dares Christians to laugh at themselves. If you think the Christian subculture has taken itself way too seriously for way too long, then this comic is for you.


In the summer of 2015, Wes joined the Journaling Bible craze and began filling the margins with cartoons as he read through scripture. His observations are at times heartfelt and introspective, and at other times witty and sarcastic. Check out Comix Exegesis to see Wes' biblical ruminations in all their cartoon-y glory!


Wes became a first-time father in August of 2013. Two years later, he documented that first year of parenthood in the autobiographical comic strip, MOLEBASHED.

" artwork, wry observations on being a parent and — to my mind — incredibly true-to-life observations about the supreme comedy of raising a human." - Lucas Wetzel, GoComics