(This post was originally published on my Instagram account.)

As many of you know, I have created a children’s book series with the goal of having it published by a major publishing house. The first BIG step toward that goal was to land an agent. If you’ve been following along, then you know that I have recently partnered with the most amazing agent I could have ever hoped to find.

But it didn’t come easy.

There was a ton of heartbreak on this half of the journey (and there’s bound to be a ton more).

My mantra during this part of the process was “I only need ONE.” I only needed one agent to love what I was making. I only needed one yes. 

I started pitching my book series last summer as a picture book series. I pitched to 20 agents, all of whom rejected the book. One of those agents told me I should adapt the book for an older audience.

So I did.

With the help of some awesome beta readers, I transformed my picture book series into a chapter book series. This time I pitched to 41 agents.

40 of them rejected the pitch.

One of them said YES.

If you’re keeping track, that’s 60 NOs just for this book series! That’s not counting all the other rejections I’ve received from newspaper syndicates and magazines and publishers over the past 15+ years!

THE POINT: You could be buried under a mountain of NOs, but all it takes is one YES to pull you above ground and set you on course for the next big step. 

Soon I’ll be taking my next big step. My agent will pitch my book series to the top publishers in children’s literature. The pool is smaller, and the odds are against me. But I’ll keep telling myself the same thing I’ve been telling myself for the past year:

I only need ONE