(This post was originally published on my Instagram account.)

You guys! I’m super psyched to announce that I HAVE AN AGENT!

I have joined forces with Samantha Bagood at Samantha B. Literary! With our powers combined, we are going to take the kidlit world by storm!

This is a HUGE STEP FORWARD for my children’s book, but there’s still a lot of work to do!

Right now, I’m working on manuscript revisions based on Samantha’s notes!

Once we have the manuscript tuned to our liking, we’re going to put together an awesome pitch package!

Once our pitch is ready, Samantha is gonna start submitting to publishers! While she’s doing that, I’m gonna WAIT. And probably play a lot of video games!

I’m so excited for this next phase of the creative process! Samantha is AWESOME and she is PSYCHED OUT OF HER MIND about the book series I want to create! With her in my corner, I feel confident that we’re going to get this book published!

Stay tuned for more updates!