(This post was originally published on my Instagram account.)

A couple weeks ago I shared with y’all that I’m working on a children’s books series. Since then, I’ve received a lot of attaboys and congratulations and folks wondering where and when they can buy the book. While I greatly appreciate the kind words and encouragement, I want to make sure that I’m not giving you guys a false perception of what is actually going on.

The truth is, there is A LOT of work to do!

For starters, I need an agent. And that’s where I’m at now. I’m pitching to agents in hopes of finding that one person who can be a champion of my work. So far, I’ve experienced a ton of rejection. But I’ve also had a lot of positive feedback. So I keep plunkin’ on!

Once I find an agent, she will undoubtedly have revisions for me to consider. Which means rewrites! But all of this work will help polish the story into something really attractive to publishers.

Once we have an awesome package put together, the agent will start shopping to publishers. Hopefully a BIG TIME publisher will pay me LOTS OF MONEY to make TONS OF BOOKS for them! One can hope, right?

When we find a publisher, they will have their own notes and revisions for me to consider. That means more rewrites! This process will hone the book into a product that will fly off shelves and lead to multiple licensing deals for movies, TV, and toys. One can dream, right?

Anyway, it’s a long process and I’m right at the beginning of it. There’s a lot of hard work ahead, but the good news is it’s FUN work! I hope you guys don’t get bored with all these updates, but maybe it’ll shed some light on what this whole process looks like.